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A Scoop of Culture: ASAP MOB

ASAP MOB is the raw definition of street luxury and authenticity. Although the team has been on the scene for a quite some time, the initial spotlight was primarily focused on the best-known member ASAP Rocky. Following Rocky was his fellow band member ASAP Ferg also known as the Hood Pope. In August 2017, XXL magazine had a great conversation with the squad at the listening party of Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy. Take a brief read below to get an idea of what the ASAP Mob is about. Inside Platinum Sound…

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Why We Love Em’: Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s Icon video captivated an audience. He’s an artist to be excited about. Jaden goes beyond the glitz and glamour of a young rapper. Jaden’s album Syre comes to the table with the creativity and perspective of an individual experiencing life on one end of the spectrum opposite from the majority of rappers coming out within his age group. Does that take away from his credibility to become one of the most influential artists of our time and generation? Absolutely not. Does this diminish the efforts of artists like…

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Who Is Kelela?

When I first heard of Kelela it was during a time when I was experimenting with careers and getting ready to complete my bachelors degree (finally). I had just finished cleaning out my parents garage and decided I was going to turn it in a hair factory by wefting hair for various suppliers during the “bundle” craze. That was a fail but the discovery of Alternative R&B was not. I had been listening to artists similar to Kelela and Khalid for quite sometime but I never knew there was a…

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