SZA: What Makes Her A Fan Favorite.



Solana Rowe, also known as SZA released her first EP in the fall of 2012 titled See. SZA. Run. Since her debut, SZA has captivated an audience not only by her voice but also with her development as an artist. Fans have watched her morph into a popularity as she prepared for the release and success of her most recent album Ctrl. In the album her resonance can be mistaken for lamenting but break down her lyrics, and you will find exhilarating metaphors laced with sensuality.

Attraction to SZA‘s timeless sound comes from conversations with herself over soothing rhythms. She is sonically and visibly an artist we have not experienced for a long time from an artist. Some can attest to going through the process of self-awareness and in real-time gaining insights about themselves and the relationships they’ve had with others. Her initial girl next-door appeal and authenticity reminds us of women we known presently and girls from our childhood. When she speaks of her childhood during interviews, some of us can relate to her. Her responses to Internet trolls are with unconcern and bluntness.

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