Digital Créme: The Glow-up

Music meant everything to me when I was younger, especially hip-hop. I attended a private school with children who weren’t even allowed to listen to hip-hop and r&b music because their parents deemed it inappropriate. (As if rock wasn’t.) Every day after school, as soon we would pile into our parent’s van, my brother and I would immediately pull the portable tape player or CD player out along with the beautiful bulky cd book filled with mixes and albums. This was the only way for us to bear the tortures of after-school hunger and a van with no a/c in the Florida heat. The anticipation to simply get home and out of our Catholic school uniforms only to watch music videos and listen to more music.

I listened to all genres because of my school friends and influences from family members. But nothing has my heart more than hip-hop. Digital Créme is a space to share how the hip-hop culture has influenced different industries such as fashion, design, travel, tech, and business.

2017 is pretty huge for our culture. Hip-hop is now the most popular digitally streamed genre in the country. That’s nothing to sneeze at since digital streaming is the number one form of music consumption and it’s not going anywhere. Everyone, this is huge!

Growing up in the “Jiggy Era” when watching music videos that included rappers wearing fur coats with no shirts on underneath, runway models, Cristal champagne consumption in abundance kept me glued to the culture. Raw and gritty rappers shooting videos in street luxury and all its glory in front of the projects then hopping into their exotic cars and speeding off to the suburbs was every reason to get excited about the culture. That was the culture, the glow-up. That was Nas, Biggie, Puff Daddy (Yeah, I called him Puff Daddy), Jay-Z, and Jermaine Dupri.

Growing up in the Florida and living in the south I had the southern exposure to hip-hop. This included UGK, Outkast, Trick Daddy, Trina, No Limit, Cash Money, Goodie Mobb, Gucci Mane when he was fat and had that beef with Jeezy, T.I.P (Yes, T.I.P because T.I is a whole different persona for Clifford Harris). Hip-hop was everything and still is. Hip-hop has glowed-up!

Hip-Hop has inspired other genres in music and different industries like fashion and retail. We also know that it has been inspired by outside influences both good and bad. On a positive note as an admirer it has opened doors for the glamorous life. The trips, the cars, the private jets, the parties and of course the runway fashion.

I’m here to share Digital Créme with you as an audience. My view of our culture. Digital Créme is a space for everything a hip hop enthusiast with a diverse taste. We share the latest in high quality style, lifestyle, and music as organically as possible. So I welcome you to share your feedback and support.

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