Why The Industry Needs Cardi B and More Artists Like Her.

Why The Industry Needs Cardi B and More Artists Like Her.

We all know Cardi B’s story —Belcalis Almanzar, born on October 11, 1992, of Afro-Caribbean decent a Dominican Father, and a Trinidadian mother. Her road to stardom constructed by her own doing is what makes her a particularly stand-out artist on the rise. She is unapologetically candid and determined to lead the industry as an artist.

Since the beginning of her public life, i.e., social media account, she has always been known as a “no-filter” social media personality. It doesn’t matter if she has only created two mixtapes and still holds a buzz. Cardi B took a step forward to follow her dreams. One would agree that the game needs more rappers like that.

Cardi B has been open since early 2014 when she grabbed the attention of Instagram users by being a larger than life character “telling it like is.” It was not until she became an artist, promoted her music, and sat down for interviews then we began to know who Cardi is. She is more than just your average stripper who came up. She always had a larger than life personality more than likely accredited to being a student at Renaissance High School For Musical Theater & Technology. So it would be difficult for someone to conceptually, “come out of the woodwork” and accuse Cardi B of switching up. We hear accusations by former friends of celebrities that the person is not as true to their character as they claim to be. In fact, she did what any driven individual would do when the whole world is watching, and some are waiting for you to fail; celebrates their accomplishments without any form of repentance.

Cardi will talk about her cosmetically enhanced derriere, dental procedure, living in the projects, and shy away from discussions of her relationship all in one sitting. Needless to say, popularity also brings along an awareness to be purposefully guarded about the romantic relationships. Smart move, Cardi B! Well played. Is that not the recipe for what we look for in the artists we love?

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