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Who Is Kelela?

When I first heard of Kelela it was during a time when I was experimenting with careers and getting ready to complete my bachelors degree (finally). I had just finished cleaning out my parents garage and decided I was going to turn it in a hair factory by wefting hair for various suppliers during the “bundle” craze. That was a fail but the discovery of Alternative R&B was not. I had been listening to artists similar to Kelela and Khalid for quite sometime but I never knew there was a title for this. I’ll tell you. The Spotify playlist blew my mind. Now that Kelela has grown in populatirty some of you may ask who she is.

Kelela Mizanekristos is electro-R&B artist of etheopian decent born in Washington, D.C.Kalela gives off massive sexuality. You can watch her 2017 video Blue Light to understand just how much massive sexuality we’re talking here.

Her song LMK is definitely a favorite of ours. It’s an ode to women (and men) who do not want to be caught up in the relationship aspect of intimacy but still want ” respectful interaction” as Kelela describes it in her video Kelela – LMK (Behind The Scenes).

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