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Why We Love Em’: Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s Icon video captivated an audience. He’s an artist to be excited about. Jaden goes beyond the glitz and glamour of a young rapper. Jaden’s album Syre comes to the table with the creativity and perspective of an individual experiencing life on one end of the spectrum opposite from the majority of rappers coming out within his age group. Does that take away from his credibility to become one of the most influential artists of our time and generation? Absolutely not.

Does this diminish the efforts of artists like Kodak Black, NBA, Namir, Lil Pump? Not at all.

Jaden Smith is dope and his thirst to express himself through his album SYRE and fashion is admirable. He draws from influences from multiple genres and it leaves just enough for the cultured and diverse listener.

Jaden Smith might not be some people’s first draft pick of new artists simply because he comes from a Hollywood family and he has nothing to prove and is very blaze in the Icon video. As if his ego is just too much for the viewer. But some of us are here for it.

Comparing Jaden to other individuals with music out that have been born into circumstances similar to Jaden are Diddy’s sons. Their approach is more of a flashy and enjoying the fruits of their father’s labor. #NoShade
Jaden Smith brings more depth to the party.

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